Attract dream clients with ease
+ run your design business like
a seasoned pro

Do you feel like you've maxed out in your business?

Your calendar has a few client projects on it,
but they aren't your dream clients.

You keep hearing that you need to use Asana and Dubsado,
but you don't know where to get started. 

You wish you had more time to spend offline,
but you're hustling to make enough money each month.

You're a great designer and you love what you do,

but there's something missing when it comes to your business.

It's time to look like a pro and
keep your dream clients coming back for more.

Wow Your Clients is all about getting crystal clear with your business, refining your systems, and giving your clients an A+ experience every step of the way.

Run your business like the seasoned pro that you are so you can continue to love what you do, make more money, and have more time to spend actually living your life. 

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This class was full of thought-provoking lessons, workbooks with questions I'd never asked before, insightful content, and so many actionable items. My website design projects have felt smooth like butter after implementing my signature process of on-boarding and working with clients inside of Asana. It's kept communication seamless, easy to follow (not like a ton of different email threads!), and the boundaries it helped me put into place have made me enjoy my clients so much more. I was able to take the services I offer to the next level and streamline something that was a pain point in my business, making every day as the CEO more enjoyable.

- Shaina Longstreet

Here's what you can expect

Broken down into 5 parts, my goal is to help you transform your design business into something that lights you up while working and empowers you to spend more time living your life. 


Module 01: Assess Your Ideal Client + Current Process

Before you can refine your process with clients, it's important to get clear on what those processes look like. So, to kick things off we're establishing the foundation of your business.

In this module we cover things like:

  • Who your ideal client is: Who you enjoy working with, what they struggle with, how you can help them, and more
  • What your overall client experience looks like: Identifying the steps your clients take to work with you through to after the project wraps up
  • The highs and lows of your process with clients: Get introspective about your process and highlight the parts of your process that are working great as well as the parts that could use some help

Module 02: Attracting dream clients through your site

After you've established who your ideal client is, you want to make sure that your website and services are helping you attract those people and that your inquiry system is making it easy for them to reach out about their project.

In this module we cover things like:

  • How you want to be seen: Establish your tone and the overall brand vibe you want to portray through your design and copy
  • Attracting the right people: Revisiting your ideal client to make sure that your new design and copy align with your dream clients
  • What your services look like: What are you offering, how are you talking about those packages, and what your services page(s) look like
  • Inquiring and booking: Insuring that your potential clients know exactly where to go to get more information and book their project

Module 03: Making Your Projects Exciting + Enjoyable

The key to making your projects as painless as possible and also enjoyable is to make sure that you're setting boundaries and delivering work to your clients in a way that keeps them excited about their project.

In this module we cover things like:

  • Your Welcome PDF: How to utilize one simple PDF to communicate some of the most important information to your clients before you get started
  • Requesting content: Take one of the most frustrating parts of a project for web designers and make it less stressful for everyone
  • Presenting your designs: How to make your presentations more exciting for your clients and better show off your work
  • Feedback guidelines: Don't settle for useless feedback from your clients anymore, create guidelines to help your clients help you

Module 04: Offboarding your clients

The project is over, but this is no time to drop the ball on your clients. Keep the good vibes going and utilize the end of the project as a place to encourage your clients to return to you in the future for additional work.

In this module we cover things like:

  • Offering a launch guide: Wow your clients by offering a reusable guide to help them have a successful launch of their new design
  • Brand guidelines: Help your clients keep their brand consistent and your design looking as great as when you first created it by showing them how to use their new branding
  • Training videos: If you frequently get questions about how to do something web related, create reusable training videos can save you time and frustration
  • Following upEncourage repeat clients with a follow-up system that's easy to use consistently

Module 05: Your Signature Process + Marketing

Once you've established what your overall client experience looks like, it's natural to uncover what makes you unique as a designer, which helps shape your signature process. This combined with the ideal client information you uncovered at the beginning of the course will help you flesh out your marketing plan and continue to grow your business.

In this module we cover things like:

  • Implementing these changes: Decide what you're going to work on improving in your business first
  • Your signature process: Uncover what makes you unique as a designer and defines your signature process
  • Marketing your services: Brainstorm things you can do to help market your services to your ideal clients

The Wow Your Clients course is so much more in depth than I ever expected! Kory takes you through every aspect of your client experience - from your own branding and positioning to how your clients interact with your website, onboarding, processes, launching, etc. She gives actionable tips and offers clear suggestions and checklists for how to make improvements. I highly recommend this course both to budding designers and seasoned pros looking to create a signature process that will make you stand out from the competition.

- Katie Price

Get a crystal clear picture of exactly who your ideal client is
and how to market yourself to them


Establish your own positioning and evaluate your website
to make sure everything aligns for your potential clients


Create a seamless and organized system
for onboarding and offboarding your clients that you can repeat every time


Elevate your design business and streamline your process
so you 
can make more money and have more time to spend offline living your life

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Use the code 'fourth' at checkout to get 50% off through 7/5/2019!

My business evolved by leaps and bounds when I started to give my clients a one-of-a-kind, professional experience. In fact, when I outsource my work to other designers and developers, even they can’t believe how solid the experience is of working with me. I know I get repeat clients and referrals thanks to my process. If you haven’t evaluated the experience, from start-to-finish, that your clients get when working with you, you are 100% missing out on money and Wow Your Clients can totally help you fix that.

- Krista Rae


Questions? I have answers!

Meet The Creator

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Hey there, friend! I'm Kory! I started my design business over six years ago, and it's my passion to help creative entrepreneurs effortlessly grow their business through simple and thoughtful design. But you're a designer, just like me, so where does that leave you? 

Well, I specialize in helping designers, like you, discover their secret sauce, streamline their business, and market their services so they feel good about what they're doing, their clients love what they’re getting, and they're able to consistently book dream projects and increase profitability.

Over the course of the last six years I've seen the design industry grow by leaps and bounds but I've also seen designers struggle to grow their business, attract dream clients, and just run their business like the pro I know they are. That is why I'm also passionate about helping design business owners streamline and grow their business. More specifically, that's why I created this course. 

You can continue to try to figure it out all alone, but we both know that means more projects than are less than ideal, too many hours behind the screen, accepting less money than you're really worth, and unsure how to get your business unstuck from this plateau you might be in.

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Use the code 'fourth' at checkout to get 50% off through 7/5/2019!