refine, streamline, and polish your design business
with my exact copy + paste templates

Does this sound like you?

You're a great designer, but sometimes you aren't sure how to respond to certain client situations.

You've heard you should be using Asana, but you don't know how to make that work for you.

You spend way too much time designing then redesigning the files you use to send clients their work.

Maybe you're just getting started and you're not sure what your proposals or client homework should look like.

I just bought the toolkit, and I found really great elements inside that I will start using on my business ASAP. The email scripts and the project templates are awesome. They can save designers a lot of time. — Luis

introducing the polished designer toolkit

my exact copy + paste templates to help you finally make
your business run as smoothly as your design process.


Let's be real, creating beautiful design work is only half of being successful as a design business owner. There are so many things to do and tweak for your clients, and it's easy to find yourself stumbling trying make your clients happy, keep your business organized, and make money so you can pay the bills.

I created this toolkit to not only help you refine and polish the business side of things, but also so you can start feeling confident about working with clients every step of the way.

the polished designer toolkit

plug and place templates that will help you get organized and
look + feel like more of a pro at running your business right away

Copy and paste canned responses for sticky situations with your clients


My task lists for branding and website design projects

Presentation Templates

Moodboards, brand boards, style guides and for you + your clients

Onboarding Templates

Ready to use proposal, contract, invoice, and questionnaire

Thank you so much! I can not tell you how right on time this is. I am just getting started, and I was planning to create all of these things. — TaKenya

What's the investment?

By purchasing the Polished Designer Toolkit, you're getting my exact templates and resources that I use with my clients. With 13 files included, you know this product is for you if you're not feeling confident in all of the business-y parts of working with clients and are ready to finally start feeling confident with each email and design presentation that you send.

your investment is just $97

Who is this for?

The toolkit was created for designers, but more specifically designers who...

Are tired of saying the wrong things when their clients are upset

Need a project management system to help get their process with clients organized but don't know where to start

Aren't sure about the best way to present their work to their clients or in their portfolio

Have no clue what onboarding documents look like and just need a good idea of where to start

Frequently Asked Questions